Sparkling, he was sleeping deep inside crying out the pain he felt and letting the world know of his conquers, but where was the line where he drifted from the sufferers, where he bid the grave that called and let his pain be the salvation. Sure he had opened the door to a room happiness... Continue Reading →


My Memory Collage…

I see a fire inside of your eyes, a spark in a sparkle that reflects from your gaze everytime we meet through those stares. I feel that overwhelming force that pushes me to break over and attain a place we feel awkward in, but also comfort and care and love for boundaries we move beyond... Continue Reading →


Why is the world so lonely? Why does it ever cripple down the passionate? Why do we ever bleed? I guess these are questions that are often ignored. And why shouldn't it be! Nobody knows what lies ahead, and nobody cares enough to preach into the past. But there's something stagnant about this world, about... Continue Reading →


Swine were the companions of the prodigal,swine were the misfitswho walked with them,swine were all that brewedhim to follow that path,and swine was I,a mere menace,a liability that cursedall those that dreamed to walk,for I'd always believedin wings that could soar fiercerthan the windand could burn brighter than winter.Swine was just an expression,a movement that... Continue Reading →


Dates, checked. Company, checked. Booking, checked. And so began the excitement with empty wallets and priceless smiles, a presence we dreaded for and memories we hoped to make. The days became longer and nights thoughtful, dreaming of expectations and sensations we would drowse in. We knew of moments we would mimic and places we needed... Continue Reading →

Love’s Sorrow

I looked at her, her fists to her waist and a silence for the static posture that she had. Maybe it was the waves, or the voices that they spoke in, maybe it was the air that purified every breathe that we left, for the crashes and the noise formed footprints, marks that had their... Continue Reading →


Red. What do you see red as? The color of love? I guess that would hold true, but doesn't it transcend something so approachable? Affection, comfort, a sense of happiness, of peace that dissolves into your soul, death! Red were the waters when pain and sorrow traversed the lands, and guilt was all that was... Continue Reading →


How demeaning it all feels when everything that happens feels part of a Deja vu that you've already lived, like a smile you get used to or a gaze that's no more new, a reason you get accustomed with, or a feeling you get acquainted for! The world's hurting but the pain no more hurts,... Continue Reading →


Where is it we rile to arrive for the rays to be a little warmer and the air a little light of the misery we all breathe? How do we wish to cherish the voices that excite us and the noise that never lets us sleep? What does the eyes hope for in the regrets... Continue Reading →

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