A dark night…

Sometimes, that's what pain looks likewhen you try to fly and there's everythingthat's pulling you down, when the world stops making sense and you never know what reality is, sometimes when you have no dreams to look on toand no memories to fall back on, when everything's pitch blackand the world could never be more... Continue Reading →


The old tell the tales better…

The light from the laptop screen blinded me from looking anywhere else. Light was spread to every corner of the room, just not bright enough for me. My sister slept beside me, her head slightly visible from under the sheets. The days events had taken its toll on her as she lay motionless, both of... Continue Reading →

“Where are you?”

Last night, the dreams spoke to me. Among the shades of the sparkled colours, I saw a house and a red forest. I was there and I was not. I swooped in, to find a cause to that beginning. I knew that something was odd, something didn't fit through. But reasons seemed to drift away... Continue Reading →

The lights were down…

The back of my face felt the little shimmer that the breeze brought along, a little intimacy with the brightened night and the shadows echoed of a terror of fighting to live that night again when moments were peaceful and memory had fear to never find it again, to never be the same. The dust... Continue Reading →

A Stormy Night…

The sound of thunder woke me up from the slumber I had taken in music. The night had been calm and the lyrics made it more peaceful, but as the roar of the sky continued on a scavenging streak, I couldn't help but observe. I could define it as scary looking over all the instantaneous... Continue Reading →

What did Art do to me?

When bounds become endless and horizons are all left traversed, there's always another something that brims from within the shackles of reality, and one that finds the vibrancy within a person. And that is what becomes of art! There's some segments inside of me that vaguely remember the person that I was before, something of... Continue Reading →

Treasure Box

We looked at each other and there was that smile that looked like another lie but was more real than truth itself. It's been years since that laughter that we all had together in the crappy old haunted room on the back of our go-to place. We had our best there, our worst too, some... Continue Reading →

Looking for Contributors in an Anthology

Decades of stereotypes and biased understandings has led society and opinions being influenced from the agents of such gatherings. And even though rebel was everywhere, mostly it was suppressed under the weight of the minute spark that it made.  But then came the age of socializing in the palm of our hands, and with that... Continue Reading →

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